Why You Should Join an Injector Mentoring Program

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Oct 23 2020
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Author: Cathy Longley

If you have been considering a career as a cosmetic nurse injector, one of the best things you can do, aside from investing in intensive Botox and basic filler certification courses, would be signing up for an injector mentoring program with a seasoned medical aesthetics professional. 

What Is an Injector Mentoring Program?

An injector mentoring program is built around the highly-successful concept of job shadowing. You will have the opportunity to observe a cosmetic injector in a working clinic where you’ll oversee them conduct patient consultations and administer cosmetic treatment procedures such as Botox and dermal filler injections for various aesthetic concerns.

Job shadowing plays a pivotal role for aspiring professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in a hands-on environment. Unlike other fields, hospitals and medical spas generally do not offer internships to individuals who have not attended formal medical training. Participating in an injector mentoring program is an exciting way to further the injection education you have already obtained.

Doing so also gives you several advantages, here are some examples:

It Gives You An Insight Into the Profession

Shadowing an experienced injector can give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of an injection specialist at a leading aesthetics practice. You will be a “fly on the wall,” observing the workplace culture and the inner workings of a medical aesthetics clinic or spa. Hopefully, the entire experience will give you a clear perspective of what the job entails and whether you are up for the challenge.

Learn Practical Patient Management Strategies

One of the highlights of being in an injector mentoring program is seeing first-hand typical ways a client and aesthetic specialist interact. The shadowing experience will give you realistic insights on the following:

  • The most common beauty concerns
  • How to establish rapport and earn a client’s trust and confidence
  • How to professionally handle different types of patients
  • How to develop a personalized cosmetic treatment plan for each patient
  • How to manage patient expectations and educate them about the limitations of specific treatments

As it is a mentoring program, shadowing an injection specialist will give you a chance to learn tips and techniques on how to deliver a high standard of care while maintaining patient satisfaction.

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It Looks Good on Your Resume

Use your job shadowing experience as leverage when you pursue your first injector role. Impress future employers with your knowledge and understanding of attending an immersive injector mentoring program from a reputable company. Most newcomers may have nothing but theoretical know-how from their cosmetic injection courses. Letting them know that you took the initiative to learn about the many nuances that can occur in an aesthetic practice can score you some extra points.

A Chance to Ask Questions

Spending an entire day with a seasoned cosmetic injector also gives you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ask questions regarding the profession. You can ask them about the certification courses they took, up and coming cosmetic treatment procedures that are worth specializing in, what they most love about the job, the usual challenges they encounter daily, or the behaviour of specific injection products during treatment procedures. If you are confused or curious about anything from your Botox training course, you can also ask for their opinion as an expert on the subject.

Expand Your Career Network

Similar to most job shadowing programs, joining an injector mentoring program is a great stepping stone to start building your network in a highly-competitive industry. You will meet new people who could potentially vouch for you as a character reference when you are applying for your first cosmetic injector role. The institution that offers the shadowing experience can also provide a reference for your future job!

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Become Inspired by the Best Injectors

Signing up for an injector mentoring program can potentially be an eye-opening experience. It’s going to give you a peek into the life of someone who specializes in one of the most popular cosmetic treatment procedures. Shadowing someone in the peak of a successful career can be an inspiring experience that can help you feel more determined and driven to work towards your goal of becoming an aesthetic injection specialist as well. 

APT’s Injector Mentoring Program

APT Injection Training has over 20 years of experience delivering exceptional injector certification courses for licensed medical professionals, such as registered nurses, practical nurses, dental surgeons, and physicians of all specialties. 

In addition to our comprehensive courses in Botox and dermal filler injections, we also offer an immersive injector mentoring program as a stand-alone experience for individuals interested in furthering a career as a professional cosmetic injector.

Participants can shadow industry experts, including our very own Patricia Pezzano, BScN, RN, for a day. APT’s injector mentoring program is open to all registered medical professionals who are looking to crossover into the field of medical aesthetics or who wish to expand their practice by incorporating Botox and dermal filler injections.
For more information, please contact us today! A member of the APT Team will get in touch with you immediately.

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