MERZ Advanced Filler and Toxin Training

Duration: 1 Day

Pre-Course Reading: 12-15 hours

Prerequisite: Cannula use and injecting for 6 months

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MERZ Advanced Filler and Toxin Training

$2,525 + HST

Duration: 1 Day

Pre-Course Reading: 12-15 hours

Prerequisite: Cannula use and injecting for 6 months

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The MERZ Advanced Dermal Filler and Toxin Course is usually taken after the Dual Intro to Toxin and Dermal Filler course and the Lower Face Cannula course. It is also suited to individuals who have been injecting for sometime in their clinics who want to add in the advanced techniques.  These techniques include Radiesse and its’ use in hand rejuvenation, hyperdilute Radiesse for collagen stimulation, blending of Radiesse with specific hyaluronic acids to add superior structure, results and longevity as well as advanced toxin techniques. This program concentrates on the use of the MERZ portfolio line in creating superior patient satisfaction.  It is best suited for injectors having some prior injection experience. Extensive pre-course material is provided to you including clinical papers, intake forms and videos.


  1. Overview of MERZ portfolio line of products including Radiesse, Belotero and Xeomin along with their appropriate applications. 
  2. Discussion of Radiesse techniques for hyperdilute Radiesse, hand rejuvenation and blending with hyaluronic acids. 
  3. Discussion of 1:21 forehead technique and other toxin injections as appropriate. 
  4. Expert demonstration and hands-on injection training
  5. Cannula training  as required for different conditions.

Treatment Areas Covered during Advanced Dermal Filler Training:

  • Hands
  • Necks
  • Lower face and jawline
  • Upper Face toxin ( specifically foreheads and glabellar complex)


Xeomin Cosmetic:

  • Xeomin Cosmetic is the only double-purified neuromodulator free of unwanted accessory proteins, to ensure long term treatment benefit over a patients’ lifetime exposure to toxins for Aesthetics and/or Therapeutic use.  On label areas include glabellar complex, crows feet and forehead lines.


  • Discover the BELOTERO® hyaluronic acid filler range for safe and natural-looking results.
  • The secret of Belotero is its unique ability to smoothly integrate into the skin to subtly enhance your facial contours using its’ proprietary manufacturing process to create a monophasic polydensified matrix. Belotero is ideal for refreshing facial volumes in a variety of areas with results that can last up to 18 months.


  • Radiesse is a versatile biostimulator to encourage the natural production of new collagen and elastin for long lasting textural improvements combined with the versatility to also provide immediate lift and improvement of contours. 
  • The first and only CaHA injectable treatment in Canada
  • The immediate improvement you want, the collagen and elastin you need
  • Long-lasting results: 12+ months or more in most patients
  • Well established safety profile and predictable results

Dual Intro to Toxin and Basic Filler course covers the basics of toxins and dermal fillers to all registered medical practitioners including dentists, general physicians, and nurses. 

Students will have a deeper understanding of the anatomy, the mechanical functions of the facial muscles, and the numerous connections it has to the overlaying cutaneous tissues. 

Other factors that can help achieve the desired outcome will also be discussed such as:

  • Skeletal anatomy and changes to bony structures affecting dermal filler/or toxin injections;
  • Orientation and depth of facial muscles;
  • Facial nerves and vasculature;
  • Tissue layers and their implications in filler injections;
  • Structure and function of the skin;
  • Wound healing, etc.

Understanding the aging process is crucial in attaining the goal of the toxin and/or filler injection. Thus, these topics will also be touched upon:

  • Intrinsic and extrinsic types of aging;
  • Skin classification systems;
  • The role of fat, bones, and muscles in the aging process.

Injectors do not just inject anyone without first conducting patient assessment and consultation. In this section of the course, students will learn the following:

  • Assessment of the upper, middle, and lower face;
  • The process of an effective consultation;
  • Taking a patient’s medical and drug history;
  • Managing patient expectations;
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder;
  • Basic dermatology terms and conditions that impact injectable therapies;
  • Common skin conditions;
  • Legal and ethical considerations.

Students will move from theoretical discussion to watching actual demonstrations performed by our expert trainers. This is followed by hands-on training of students to live patient models.

There are a number of factors involved in achieving optimal aesthetic outcomes from dermal fillers. All those factors will be covered in this section of the course including:

  • Fillers: history, classifications, types, current offerings, mechanism, indications, rheology, etc.;
  • Contraindications including adverse reactions and treatment of adverse events;
  • Pharmacology, crosslinking, and stability of fillers;
  • Anesthesia for injection;
  • Understanding needles and cannulas;
  • Injection techniques;
  • Facial areas and treatment.

The hands-on training for both dermal fillers and neurotoxins has a 2:1 trainee: trainer ratio. This way, students are guaranteed to benefit from an in-depth, comprehensive experience that will teach them how to safely and effectively administer various brands of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. 

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