APT Medical Aesthetics Mentoring Program

Duration: 4 weeks

Pre-Course Reading: N/A

Prerequisite: Licensed Medical Professional

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APT Medical Aesthetics Mentoring Program

APT Medical Aesthetics Mentoring Program

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Duration: 4 weeks

Pre-Course Reading: N/A

Prerequisite: Licensed Medical Professional

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Gain more in-depth knowledge of the medical aesthetics industry unlike ever before with APT Injection Training mentoring program. Operating at the forefront of the aesthetics industry for over a decade and counting, we have trained hundreds of medical professionals in both basic and advanced injection techniques. Additionally, we are proud and honoured to be the only training centre in Canada that offers an internationally recognized certification for toxin and dermal fillers.

With APT’s prestigious professionalism and flair, you now have the opportunity to build your medical skillset and truly establish yourself as a reputable aesthetics expert through our mentoring program.

Learn from Industry Leading Injectors

Through our Medical Aesthetics mentoring program, you will be injecting on your patients under the guidance of the most reputable and qualified injectors that the aesthetics industry has to offer. We all know the importance of practical experience and APT’s Mentoring program is committed to giving you that exposure to make you the best in the business. Patricia Pezzano, B.SC (NANS), RPN, the Founder and Lead Practitioner at APT Injection Training and Owner of APT Medical Aesthetics will be personally involved in overseeing and guiding you while you consult and inject your patients.

Unlike other aesthetic medicine mentoring programs, APT Injection Training understands and believes in the concept of “perfect practice”, most especially when it pertains to facial enhancements. Through a combination of theory and hands-on practice, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding of injection techniques and successfully navigate the medical aesthetics industry.

When you choose APT, you choose direct hands-on learning under the directives of masters of the trade who incorporate their knowledge, creativity, and extensive experience in their mentoring methods.

What You Can Expect

APT is composed of lifelong learners, as we believe that learning is an infinite process. We continually strive to expand and develop our skills, which is instilled at the forefront of our medical aesthetics mentoring program. When you sign up for this program, we teach and care about building exquisite trainee expertise by means of greater hands-on injection time, attending to an average of 4 to 5 of your personal patients per day, over the 4 week period which may vary from case to case.

Depending on the availability of dates, you will be allowed to conduct your patient consults and injecting procedures at the APT Injection Training Centre. Patricia will be involved in the entire process from start to finish, guiding you through recognized best practices. Whether it is handling patient consults or directing a patient before beginning a procedure, it is imperative to understand the needs of a patient and their comfort levels in order to establish a strong level of trust. These minor tips and practices that you learn while on the job will make you stand out amidst stiff competition in the medical aesthetics industry, and shape you into a distinguished injector. Our training sessions will immerse you in a state-of-the-art environment filled with proficient and friendly professionals who are committed to helping you on your aesthetic learning journey.

This is an exceptional and significant opportunity for individuals who would love a specialist’s guidance while actually performing the injection process on the spot. Please call us for more details regarding the program’s pricing structure and breakdown of the mentoring sessions.

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Enrolling in for our comprehensive courses gives you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and gain insight on the latest and most effective techniques in the industry while learning at a pace tailored to your individual skill level and needs. 

If you’re interested in signing up for APT’s medical aesthetics mentoring program, contact us today!


Our comprehensive medical aesthetics mentoring program runs for 4 weeks. Once a week, you will be injecting your patients under the guidance of Patricia Pezzano, BSN, RN in sessions lasting 5 hours each.

While APT Injection Training offers both mentoring and training courses, our medical aesthetics mentorship program offers a unique learning opportunity unlike any of our other course offerings. The key difference between mentoring and training is, with mentoring the student has the guidance of a seasoned injector while injecting your own patients. Our injecting courses cover the fundamentals of injecting procedures while mentoring helps you to become a lot more comfortable with handling patients on your own, while learning the best practices of the business along the way.

Any medical professional who has completed APT’s Level 1 training courses or the equivalent at another training facility is eligible to apply for our mentorship program.

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    Canadian education opens doors to endless possibilities. In addition to training at our facility in Oakville, Canada, we now provide online and distance education to licensed nurses and doctors across the world. We take pride in being the only training facility in Canada to offer international certification in aesthetic medicine accredited by OTHM, the globally regulated certification body.

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