Botox Shadowing Program

Duration: 1 day (5-6 hours)

Pre-Course Reading: N/A

Prerequisite: Thorough Understanding of Relevant Course Concepts

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Botox Shadowing Program

Botox Shadowing Program

Duration: 1 day (5-6 hours)

Pre-Course Reading: N/A

Prerequisite: Thorough Understanding of Relevant Course Concepts

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Discover what it is like to be a sought-after cosmetic injection expert for a day with APT’s Job Shadowing Program. This is a pivotal immersive experience that will give you a clearer perspective of what a future career as a certified injector entails. It will also bring valuable insights into the kind of workplace culture, norms, and dynamics that await you should you decide to pursue a career in the world of medical aesthetics.

By getting a snapshot of the inner workings of the life of a professional injector, you also get an idea of whether or not your current skill set and personality are an excellent fit for the demands of this job. Doing this will prompt you to evaluate personal career interests and check whether you are steering yourself in the right direction. Job shadowing is a short-term and low-commitment learning process. It is an excellent strategy to take before diving into any profession.

Sometimes, even after training, you might want to shadow to observe more injections, ask questions and check out the inner workings of a clinic. Shadowing allows you this opportunity!

Another crucial aspect of our job shadowing program is that it opens up a chance for you to build your network and develop your contacts in this highly competitive industry. When the time comes that you are ready to apply for your first cosmetic injector role, you can strengthen your resume by indicating that you have attended APT Injection Training’s job shadowing program. Our institution and the particular expert you shadowed for a day can also serve as character references and put in a good word for you if necessary.


APT Injection Training is opening its doors and inviting aspiring cosmetic injectors to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Through our Shadowing Program, we hope to help participants:

  • Observe how fundamental theories are applied in an actual clinical setting
  • Get a firm grasp of the standard of care in providing aesthetic medicine
  • Learn supplemental information on patient management strategies
  • Have a first-hand and guided experience on how cosmetic injection treatments are performed
  • Become inspired by the professional and ethical practices of premiere injectors in the industry
  • Make an assessment of their personal career interests

Work with Leading Injectors for a Day

Grab the golden opportunity to shadow leading injectors in the country, including Patricia Pezzano BSN, RN.!

Patricia is APT’s Founder, Head of Faculty, and Lead Practitioner. She has been in the business for over 20 years and has always been a fountain of information and inspiration for many of our students. Holding two bachelor’s degrees in biology and nutrition, in addition to her nursing education among other impressive credentials, she employs a holistic approach when providing cosmetic enhancements for patients. Aside from spearheading APT Injection Training’s BOTOX®️ and dermal filler injection courses, Patricia also actively maintains a full-service medical aesthetics practice.

Get up close and personal with APT Injection Training’s league of aesthetics experts. Observe while conducting real patient consultations. Provide assistance in administering the most popular cosmetic injection treatments of today. Get answers for your burning questions surrounding the latest facial rejuvenation techniques, the best-kept secrets to making different clients happy and satisfied, or what they most love about their job as aesthetic doctors or as aesthetic nurse specialists.

What to Expect

Shadow APT’s  Patricia Pezzano BSC, RN for a day. See her conduct patient consultations or actual cosmetic treatment procedures.

These shadowing sessions would be done in batches of only four (4) to five (5) students at a time and offered only once or twice a month, depending on Patricia’s availability. So make sure to book your slot in advance.

Helpful Tips

Make the most of your shadowing experience with us. Take note of these practical tips below.


Before the scheduled date of your job shadowing appointment, a member of the APT Injection Training will give you all the important details, let you know what time you are expected to be in the office, and if there is anything you need to bring with you.


What are the areas that you are most curious about being a professional injector? No matter how many times you have them rehearsed in your head, it is too easy to get overwhelmed and forget them.


On the day itself, we urge you to arrive on time. As it is only for a day, being tardy means you are missing out on time that you should be spending learning on the job. As the name of the program suggests, you follow an expert cosmetic injector for the entire day.


Pay attention to everything that is happening. Observe protocols and standard operating procedures. What are the most frequently asked questions by patients? How do injectors handle client expectations? How are the working hours? How do you find the company culture?


While there is no need to do anything over the top, we expect you to practice common courtesy and respect the time and effort of our experts to accommodate you for a day. As for all shadowing programs, it is easier for companies to put in a good word for participants when they have established a pleasant relationship with them.

Remember, you are doing your research on whether becoming a professional cosmetic injector is the right job for you. Hopefully, you will be able to answer this question definitively by the end of the day.

Application Requirements

APT’s Shadowing Program is an excellent way for anyone to get an authentic on-the-job experience. To be eligible, here are some essential requirements:

  • You must be a licensed medical doctor, dentist, or registered nurse or practical nurse.
  • You should be enrolled in any of our APT Injection Training programs and certification courses.
  • You will be asked to provide us with detailed information about your previous injecting experience if any.

Once you have selected a convenient date for your shadowing, a nominal fee will be required to finalize your admission.

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