Level 1 Training Courses

The Level 1 courses focus on educating fresher students with no past injecting experience.

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Level 1 Training Courses

Level 1 training courses Oakville

APT’s Level 1 or introductory courses are specifically designed for students without any prior injecting experience or previous training certification.

However, you must be a licensed or registered medical professional, such as a NP, RN, RPN, MD, DO or dentist, in order to administer toxin and dermal filler injections for non-surgical facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments.

worthy personal and professional investment, our beginner toxin courses meet the minimum training requirement recommended by the regulatory colleges in order to incorporate toxin and dermal filler injections in your practice. These basic toxin training courses can also be combined with our dermal filler injection education and credited towards obtaining an International Certificate in Clinical Aesthetic Injectable Therapies.

Our Beginner Training Courses

With APT’s impressive toxin training courses, we believe that our students can definitely become the best injectors in the business. Whether you are a beginner, intermediary or seasoned injector, we have a variety of courses that can be customized according to your specific career level and learning requirements. For starters, check out our list of entry-level courses.

Toxin and Basic Filler Training Certificate of Attendance Course

Foundation Toxin & Basic Filler Certificate of Attendance

APT’s Toxin and Basic Filler Training Certificate of Attendance Course for registered medical professionals is designed to provide individuals with the latest and safest injection techniques available. This course will provide you with the necessary training required by professional colleges in order to provide neurotoxin and dermal filler injections to your cosmetic patients. The course begins with extensive online training materials covering...

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dental filler and botox training Oakville

Dental Filler and Botox Courses for Dentists

Cosmetic injection therapies, such as Botox and dermal fillers, remain among the most popular minimally invasive procedures for patients seeking to use their benefits for facial rejuvenation or therapeutic purposes. According to Plastic Surgery Statistics, Over four million patients received Botulinum toxin (Botox and Dysport) while three million got dermal filler treatment in 2020 alone. Registered medical professionals, like doctors...

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Online Training Toxin and Dermal Filler

Online Training Toxin & Dermal Filler Module

Take advantage with the ability to learn all the theoretical aspects of the topic and audit a 2-day toxin and dermal filler course to see what the profession is all about prior to undertaking the hands-on portion. You may upgrade at a later time for the hands-on portion of the 2-day course Toxin and Dermal Filler course which provides intensive,...

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Online laser module course Oakville

Online Laser Module Course

The Laser Module Course provides all the technical, theoretical knowledge you need to safely and effectively use laser and intense pulse light systems for hair reduction and skin rejuvenation by learning about the technologies, skin anatomy and skin typing, light-tissue interactions, treatment indications and contraindications, pre- and post-treatment procedures and safe working practice. The online modules cover the following units:...

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International Certificate in Injectable Therapies


International Certificate in Clinical Aesthetic Course Online (Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers) for registered medical professionals is designed to provide students with the latest and safest cosmetic injection techniques while awarding them with an internationally recognized qualification in the field of aesthetic medicine. This qualification is awarded by OTHM, a globally recognized, well-respected, and regulated awarding body.  Delivered through a...

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Basic filler training

Foundation Basic Filler Training

A comprehensive 1-day course providing intensive, small group, hands-on cosmetic injectable training of the latest hyaluronic acid dermal fillers for overall facial rejuvenation. It also includes a review of the patient consultation and treatment processes as students learn the steps involved in creating successful aesthetic patient results. The hands-on phase of our beginner dermal filler course features actual demonstrations from...

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Toxin training Oakville

Foundation Toxin Training

Course Overview 1. Concepts of beauty and ideal facial features 2. Facial anatomy and the muscles responsible for facial expression 3. Indications, risks, and benefits of treatment 4. Practical – demonstration of facial injections for upper and lower sites followed by hands-on injection time to treat the following: Frown Lines (Glabellar Complex)Forehead Lines (Horizontal)Crow’s Feet (Periorbital Rhytids)Brow Lift (Medial & Lateral Brow Depressors)Bunny Lines...

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Why Choose APT for Your Training Needs?

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APT Injection Training is the only recognized training centre in North America with the ability to offer an International Certification, the only true certification in the industry. All our toxin training courses, including our Level 1 or beginner toxin courses, are spearheaded by APT Founder and Lead Practitioner Patricia Pezzano, BSc, BSc (NANS), RPN, who is a highly respected practitioner with over 20 years of expertise in the field of medical aesthetics.

Here are other reasons why APT’s toxin courses will provide you with the comprehensive injection training you need:

Strict 2:1 trainee to trainer ratio

We maintain a personalized approach that guarantees that all students will get the best value for their money and a maximum learning experience.

Flexible training dates

We give consideration and accommodate students with a hectic work schedule by doing training all year round and giving them the liberty to choose when to take their training courses.

Longer hours for hands-on injection training

Unlike other toxin training courses that provide only four (4) hours actual training, APT training courses give each student seven (7) hours per day to practice and perfect their injecting skills.

A sufficient number of live models

Our training courses will ensure that you are all geared up with essential practical knowledge that will be useful in a real-life clinical setting. Aside from extensive injection hours, we also give students a chance to administer toxin injections on live patient models. Our two-day training will always have 14 models, as opposed to other courses in the market that have a limited number and where students have to take turns or provide their own models..

No saline substitutes

APT injection courses only use actual toxin and dermal filler products for our demonstration and hands-on training. This is to give our students an authentic injection experience and a clearer perspective on the results to expect.

BONUS Lip Training

When you take on of our dermal filler courses, you will also get exclusive access to APT Lip Training as part of our comprehensive Foundation Program. If you want to focus on lip training exclusively, or want extra lip training, we have a course for that as well!

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    Canadian education opens doors to endless possibilities. In addition to training at our facility in Oakville, Canada, we now provide online and distance education to licensed nurses and doctors across the world. We take pride in being the only training facility in Canada to offer international certification in aesthetic medicine accredited by OTHM, the globally regulated certification body.

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