How to Become a Cosmetic Nurse in Canada

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Jan 22 2021
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Author: Tony Pezzano

Cosmetic nurses, also known as aesthetic nurses, are registered nurses or registered practical nurses who provide cosmetic services and care to patients. When it comes to building a nursing career in Canada, aesthetics is one of the fastest-growing specialties.

The term cosmetic nurse has somehow become strongly associated with Botox injections. The reason for this is that Botox is one of the most popular kinds of procedures done by an aesthetic nurse. In fact, every year, around 6 million botox treatments are administered around the world. However, cosmetic nurses perform a broad array of tasks aside from administering such cosmetic injections.

If you are reading this article, you are likely considering becoming a cosmetic nurse in Canada. To help you in doing so, we’ve put together this article that touches on a few fundamentals regarding the profession along with the steps one must take in order to become a cosmetic nurse.

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The Steps to Becoming a Cosmetic Nurse

1. You Need to Be a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner in Canada

Only licensed healthcare practitioners such as physicians, dentists, registered nurses, registered practical nurses and nurse practitioners are qualified to take medical aesthetics training courses. The completion of an eligible college or university progra,  as well as success at passing the NCLEX registration exam, is required as a foundation of healthcare-related knowledge. Then, the licensed practitioner can begin to add more specialized technical skills such as injection training and laser-based cosmetic therapies to their repertoire. 

2.  Get The Right Training That Suits Your Interests

To be considered highly skilled by employers, you must have undergone the right training courses to be a cosmetic nurse in Canada. Though there are numerous cosmetic nurse training providers out there, there are certain characteristics of quality training that will set you apart and help you stand out as a cosmetic nurse. 

What should you look for in a cosmetic nurse training course? Here is a checklist to help you along:

  • The training course must be led by recognized experts in the industry;
  • The training must be thorough, covering both theoretical and practical concepts;
  • The training must have a guided hands-on portion that will allow you to practice safely on live models; and
  • The training must be conducted in an intimate setup that allows you to voice out any questions and be guided closely.

Cosmetic Nurse Training in Canada

The practical reason why quality training is necessary is because cosmetic nurses have completely different job tasks compared to public nurses (or other types of registered nurses). 

Typical registered nurses’ educational background is in the healthcare field. These skills by themselves are not enough to succeed in performing the tasks of a cosmetic nurse. They are, however, still a vital foundation for the knowledge and skills required to become a cosmetic nurse.  

Cosmetic nurses are in charge of tasks like the following:

  • Providing consultations and scheduling patients;
  • Performing pre-operative and post-operative care;
  • Performing an assessment of skin aging and other skin-related conditions ;
  • Administering Botox, dermal fillers, and other injectables for rejuvenation;
  • Administering chemical peels and other non-invasive procedures;
  • Assisting with cosmetic surgeries; and
  • Preparing the operating room and the instruments to be used for various operations.

Cosmetic nurse applying a chemical peel on a patient

Take Our Course to Become a Cosmetic Nurse in Canada

APT Injection Training is a leading, internationally recognized cosmetic injection training institution in Canada. With over 10 years of experience in training medical professionals, our training courses are modular, allowing you to choose the skill sets that you want to focus on – whether it’s Botox injection, dermal filler injection, lip injections, advanced dermal filling, or laser treatments.

In addition, our immersive and intimate hands-on sessions offer a trainer/trainee ratio of 1:2 ensuring the student has every possible opportunity to ask questions and gain invaluable insight from industry professionals.

To learn more about how we can help you become a cosmetic nurse in Canada, you can either contact us for more information or sign up for the next course by clicking here!

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